About Lorna

Who I Am
I’m a female photographer and director. My work is concerned with the human condition expressed through film and still images. I’m a creative problem solver, an open and inclusive collaborator, a dynamic and a passionate image maker.

What I Do
I make advertising images and films, commercial and editorial fashion photography, dramatic shorts and feature films. Most recently, ‘Whale’, a short film on the perpetual nature of domestic violence, produced by Wildfire Films. I continue to write and develop projects for film and tv.

Who I Work With
I collaborate with brands, designers, labels, actors, productions houses and agencies to make memorable work that engages audiences and customers.

I Share Skills With
Community groups, homeless services, and next generation film students. I’m passionate about sharing knowledge with community and outreach groups; I continue to deliver workshops with the Foundations Project in the city centre and community groups at the F2 centre in Rialto. I’m a visiting / associate lecturer in photography, drama and screenwriting at a number of Irish Institutions and Universities.

I’m a member of the Writers Guild and the Screen Directors Guild, Ireland.

All images ©LornaFitzsimons2022